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Who is eligible to own and operate a Bitcoin / Litecoin-powered gambling website?

Anybody can own and operate their own gambling website regardless of geographic location. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Are bitcoin and litecoin safe and secure currencies that are easy to work with?

Absolutely. Payments are safely processed through sophisticated and secure payment processing systems. Moreover, player deposits and withdrawals are virtually instant and irreversible. Deposits are credited automatically and player winning payouts are manually processed in a most expedient manner -- usually within one hour, and sometimes instantly.

How do I market and advertise my website to generate visitors?

There are multitudes of opportunities to market, promote, and advertise your online casino website. A wide range of proven --as well as bold and innovative -- techniques are provided to all our clients. Visit our casino marketing webpage for more details.

What marketing tools and support are provided by Betcoin Gaming?

Visit our casino marketing webpage for complete details regarding the marketing materials included with each turnkey package.

How are my commission earnings calculated and how often am I paid?

Your commission earnings vary according to the individual gaming providers. Click here and follow the links to the webpages detailing each provider for more information on the various payout models.

Who is responsible for paying out winning players?

The various gaming providers supplying the gaming products handles all financial transactions -- including paying out winning players as well as your commission earnings.

Are the gaming providers supplying the gaming products established and reputable operators?

Absolutely. Betcoin Gaming only partners with the very best gaming providers in the industry. Your gambling website is backed by established, reputable, and professional gaming suppliers. With deep roots in the online gambling industry, the gaming providers have earned a sterling reputation for honesty, fair play, superb player support, and professionalism in all aspects of their operations. Your profits and sustained success, as well as the first-class entertainment experienced by your players, are the top priorities of the gaming providers. Your marketing partner status equates to a true partnership whereby you work together to accomplish the mutual goal of attracting and retaining players.

Do I need to obtain an online gaming license to operate one of the websites included with your packages?

No. You operate in the capacity of a "Marketing Partner" and do not directly handle any gaming or financial transactions. Thus, there is no requirement for you to obtain an online gaming license to operate your gambling website. You operate under the umbrella of the various gaming providers' licenses.

Who provides player support services?

The gaming providers supplying the gaming products all provide first-rate customer service to all of your players. Moreover, your referred players receive special bonus and promotion offers via e-mail marketing campaigns conducted by the gaming providers. In the case of the white label multilanguage casino, these offers are sent under the operator's brand.

What bonuses and promotions are available to players?

Each gaming provider offers their own unique bonuses and promotions to entice new bettors as well as retain players referred by the operator's website.

How long does it take to launch my online gambling website?

The timeframe to launch a custom-designed gaming website is four (4) to six (6) weeks. A pre-designed website package features a website that is operational within three (3) to five (5) business days.

What are the basic differences between the custom turnkey package options?

The amount of website customization -- including the amount of SEO-optimized content -- plus the amount of marketing materials, tools, and support services are the differences between the Custom Ultimate and Custom Premium packages. Moreover, the Cusom Ultimate package includes a much wider range of options with regards to the website layout and site structure.

How much website customization is included with the custom-designed packages?

The Custom Ultimate and Custom Premium packages feature the extensive website customization. Every graphical image on your website, including every major and minor graphic and the logo, is exclusive and custom-designed according to your vision and specifications. Whatever theme or style is desired, our world-class design team will create a professional, high-impact website design fthat exceeds industry standards.

Whether you have a general idea or a specific vision, our design team will incorporate any requirements or desires you have with regards to the website. You can have as little or as much input as you desire; our company assures you that you'll be 100% satisfied with the final result.

Moreover, these packages include a full suite of marketing tools and materials fully-customized and branded according to your website artwork and theme. The Custom Ultimate package features more in-depth SEO-optimized content as well as a more comprehensive set of marketing tools and materials. Moreover, the website layout and design options are much more extensive with the Custom Ultimate package -- thus establishing it as our top-of-the-line product.

Are the domain name and website hosting included in the package?

You register your own domain name, thus allowing you full control over your website and brand. Webhosting is a separate cost but can be obtained at very reasonable rates through our recommended webhost provider Onehost Cloud & Security.

What is the step-by-step process to get started immediately?

Getting started is a simple process. You simply select and purchase one of our turnkey packages and register a domain name. Choose your webdesign option or have us build you a custom casino website, depending on the package you opt to own. Once your website is online, you market and advertise it according to your plan and budget. Of course, Betcoin Gaming provides valuable assistance to you in this regard.

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